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"I have learned so much these last few years and I appreciate all that you've done for me.  From theory, to lessons, to performances and competitions, piano has been entirely beneficial, rewarding and challenging-everything you've taught me has helped in all I do!  Thank you for pushing me and making me a better musician."
Student...Jasmine Hankey, Colville High School
"Randy and I want to sincerely thank you for all your wonderful teaching abilities and all you have given Jasmine.  You have helped to get her ready for her future in music!"
Randy & Julie Hankey
Student...Jasmine Hankey, Colville High School
"I am so thankful you've been a part of Heather's life-You have taught her music but so much else besides that..  You have shaped her in a way that will always bring joy to those around her."
Linda & Rich Manson
Student...Heather Manson, Colville High School
"We would like to thank you for all the years of sharing your passion for music with our family.  Your dedication as a teacher is amazing!  Our girls have grown to appreciate and love music as well.  We feel our money has been well spent and are so grateful you came into our lives when you did!"
Todd & Lisa Kowitz
Student...Cecily Kowitz, Colville Community College
Student...Alaina Kowitz,Colville High School
"You are such a great teacher, and you have really made a difference in my life.  I really appreciate all that you have done for me.  You truly are so much more than just a teacher..."
Student...Heather Manson, Colville High School
"Thank you so much for your card and for your wishes, you are always so caring and loving and are a great example to me.  You have taught me so much more than music that I can't even count all the lessons you've taught me.  From what I've learned and experienced in college, I've come to realize that the best teachers teach from the heart and not from the books.  Thanks for being that kind of teacher!"
Former Student...Kirsten Griessmann, Brigham Young University
"Thank you so much for helping me with my talent (for Junior Miss)!  Your expertise and support is amazing...Thanks for everything you've helped me with."
Student...Bridget Barry, Kettle Falls High School
"Pancoast School Of Music has been a great experience for our daughter.  She's become more self-confident about 'exploring' with her music.  In addition to class work, she's written and performed music and lyrics for her own songs. 
In classes, the Pancoasts provide a fun and stimulating environment for the kids.  By encouraging public performances early, they've eliminated the stress and nerves that frequently surround performances.  We're thrilled that we enrolled our daughter at Pancoast School Of Music.  It's been three years now, and we hope she'll continue through her high school years (and earn high school music credit for her classes as she continues to grow and advance)."
Christy Payton
Student...Jillian Payton, Colville Elementary Schools

"In regards to Brandy Pancoast and the Pancoast School of Music, I do not believe that a better institution could be found.  I have received piano lessons from Brandy for about two years now and have benefited greatly from them, for her teaching style and zealous energy create an entirely effective learning environment.  Music is made into a joyous experience with Brandy.
Firstly, I must commend Brandy for her amazing style of teaching.  Each lesson is divided into different areas of study concerning the piano, such as scales, theory, song mood, etc., so that the pupil has a variety of skills to learn.  Not only does this circumvent boredom, but it also provides a well-rounded piano education.  Also, Brandy's energy and dedication to her students is above and beyond what anyone could possibly imagine or expect from someone.  There are no teachers I can think of that teach lessons all day, advanced classes in the evening, grade homework in their miniscule amount of free time even later in the evening, and still have time to reschedule student lessons should a pupil fall ill or have a conflict  Due to Brandy's teaching style and willingness to rearrange her day to help others, her students thrive and learn exceptionally well.
In addition, Brandy gives her all during lessons.  No matter what, she always provides valuable insights and help concerning any musical material through her creativity.  Many times, I have experienced her vividly describe different moods for a song to help me get the right inflection and 'feel' to the piece of music.  If she had not had the vigor that she does, and had not been so willing for an imagination workout, I would not have learned as much as I have.  Brandy is a fabulous teacher!
All in all, I would recommend Brandy Pancoast and the Pancoast School of Music to anyone.  She has had an enormously beneficial and positive influence on my music and me.  I sincerely hope that others can experience the greatness of this school and Brandy."
Student...Jasmine Hankey, Colville High School
"We really feel it is a great privilege to be able to introduce music to our son at such an early age.  We truly feel that we are providing him with a gift that will stay with him forever.   The toddler music class has been a great bonding as well as learning experience for all of us.  It is amazing what children can learn as toddlers."
Genevieve Danekas
Student…Raymond Danekas, Not In Schoo
"Thank you so much for teaching me these past 3 have taught much more than music, you've taught about being responsible, being a better teacher myself, and about reaching goals.  You are a great example to me of showing kindness to everyone and of teaching anyone willing to learn.  Thank you for the times you've encouraged me to do better, to reach higher, and never give up.  You're an amazing person with an extraordinary gift, thanks for everything."
Student...Kirsten Griessman, Colville High School Senior
"We feel so fortunate to have our girls in your music program.  It takes more than parents to raise healthy, happy children & we're happy you're on our team!  You both have so much to offer & our community is lucky to have people like you."
Dave & Katy Hedrick
Student…Anna Hedrick, Colville Elementary Schools
Student…Maggie Hedrick, Not In School

"My family loves this music program because it offers so much.  Not only does it teach children about music, but also it helps develop a variety of skills including intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, pre-academic skills (for reading, writing, and math), and observation skills.  Plus, it gives both of my children something to look forward to all week.  We just love this program!"
Leah Heideman
Student…Emanuella Heideman, Colville Elementary Schools
Student…Carmina Heideman, Johnson Christian Preschool

"…I want to say a big thank you for the many years of working with Stephanie and teaching her so much about piano.   We greatly appreciate it.   Stephanie has a great love of music/piano and I know it is partly because of you, her teacher for so many years.  Thanks."
Patty & David Nielsen
"In addition to the intrinsic value in learning to play the piano, my children have learned the values of persistence and discipline.   They carry a pride in their accomplishments and enjoy a sense of appreciation of what it took to get there.  Having learned to listen on a deeper plane, these students of music have an insightful understanding of what makes “good” music.  This has led them to become more discerning when listening to popular music.  As a parent I appreciate that they have a sense of confidence about their achievements, have an increased level of social sophistication, and fill our home with the language of music."
Traci Baum
Student…Darius Baum, Previous Student, Now At College
Student…Sorsha Baum, Baum Home School
Student…Noah Baum, Baum Home School
Student…Caspian Baum, Baum Home School
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