Pancoast School Of Music
Music For A Lifetime
We desire to offer each student the opportunity to learn about music and to fall in love with it.  It is our hope that each student will develop their musical potential as fully as possible so that they will be able to enjoy music throughout their life.
If your student is not feeling 100%, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND DO NOT COME TO CLASS.  We will use WhatsApp as a tool to continue instruction when needed.    
Tuition is due for each month the first lesson of that month.  A $25.00 late charge will be added for payments received after the tenth of the month unless other arrangements are made. 
Tuition fees are based on an annual fee, divided into 12 equal payments beginning in June and continuing through May.  Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of lessons or materials received within that month.  Tuition fees reserve a space in the studio for a student’s regularly scheduled lesson times, cover technology lab use and include needed study materials for the 46 weeks of this studio year.  Please be aware that lost materials which must be replaced will be the responsibility of the parents and will not be included in tuition.  Tuition is adjusted each year in June.   Tuition is as follows:
Musikgarten Classes: Family Music    $     70.00 per month  ($60.00*)
Musikgarten Classes: Cycle Of Seasons   $   100.00 per month ($80.00*)
Musikgarten Classes: Music Makers   $   115.00 per month  ($95.00*)
        Group Piano Classes    $   110.00 per month  ($95.00*)
30 minute Private Lessons   $  125.00 per month  ($110.00*)  
60 minute Private Lessons   $  190.00 per month  ($175.00*)
        Individual Private Lessons                          $    65.00 per hour
*Tuition for younger siblings with required materials handed down from older siblings previously in class at Pancoast School Of Music.  Musikgarten materials need to be brought to the studio at the end of August to reuse them for the next term.
Students paying six months or more of tuition at a time may deduct 10% from the total tuition due for that period.
There is a $25.00 registration fee for incoming students to reserve their spot.  Students are responsible for any registration fees for any events in which they participate.  Event registration fees are due in October and February. 
In the event of lesson termination by the student, notice is required one full month in advance or the next month’s tuition will still be due.
The studio will not be open on the following holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  It will also close for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Breaks.  The teaching year may contain up to 3 weeks of non lesson teaching days for music related conferences, trainings, conventions, adjudications and parent teacher conferences-all of which are for the benefit of the students.
Students are expected to practice a minimum of five times a week in a quiet area to benefit fully from their lessons unless they are in Musikgarten classes with a different requirement on their homework.  A basic minimum guideline for daily practice is 15 minutes for Music Makers plus CD listening, 30 minutes for Beginner Levels, 45 minutes for Early Intermediate Levels, 60 minutes for Intermediate Levels and 90 minutes for Advanced Levels.
Every student is expected to attend and be on time for every lesson, class, recital and registered event.  Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow the student time to get ready to start and pick them up promptly after their lesson & classes.  It is not the responsibility of the studio to supervise students outside of their lesson time.  The regular time scheduled for each student’s lesson is reserved for his or her use; rescheduling is not possible.  Notification by the student of their inability to attend a lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson, which must be paid for, whether taken or missed. 
If a student misses three or more lessons, classes, etc. without prior notice,
they may be asked to leave the studio.  Prior notice means at least 24 hours in advance.
All school age students are expected to participate in a variety of musical events each year as recommended by their instructor.   We find that most students learn more efficiently when they have something they are preparing for. 
Visitors are welcome at any time provided they are well behaved and are not distracting for the student.  Please show caution in this area during times of illness.
We reserve the right to cancel the lessons of any student at any time.
Parents are encouraged to visit lessons.  Parents are also strongly encouraged to observe their child’s practice time at least twice a week.   The younger the child is, the more help and supervision they will need.  IF YOU WANT THEM TO KNOW MUSIC IS IMPORTANT, YOU NEED TO SHOW THEM IT IS!
Communication is vital to the teaching process.  Please feel free to call or write:
Brandy Pancoast
                         P.O. Box 809, Kettle Falls, WA 99141
(509) 738-4913 between 7:30 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. 
 WhatsApp 509-680-5980
There will be regular studio newsletters to update parents and students of important dates, deadlines, registrations and other events.  PLEASE READ THEM!  The newsletter is emailed, posted on our website at and hard copies are available on the bulletin board outside the piano studio door.
Students need to have the instruments necessary for their level of study.  Pianists need to have their piano tuned at least once a year as they are not able to tune it by themselves. Practicing on a tuned instrument is crucial for the student’s musical growth.
Policy Revised May 2023
Effective June 2024

2023-2024 Policies