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Spring Break...April 1-5, 2019
Welcome To Spring!    It is finally arriving.   I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as I am!
Please remember that there are no classes on Spring Break Week.   Remember...Check the website when you need to confirm information
WSMTA MAP Adjudications...Congratulations!

WELL DONE!   You all did an incredible job!   I am very proud of each of you.

Special recognition to:

Honors Recitalists Emma Taft and Sophie Pancoast

Honorable Mentions Josiah Jennings, Claire Montowski, Kaveh Farahmand, Mina Farahmand, Amalie Pancoast, Jonathan Pancoast and Opal Pancoast

High School Credit Approvals Raymond Danekas, Josiah Jennings, Rachel Jennings, Claire Montowski, Amalie Pancoast, Jonathan Pancoast, Sophie Pancoast and Anna Stalp

National Conference...Thank You For Letting Me Go This Year!

The conference was incredible.   I spent hours in the exhibit hall looking at music and am VERY EXCITED about some of the new music and resources that have come out.   I am looking forward to learning some new music with the students in the coming months!  

I also attended many excellent classes.   Here is a list of the classes and meetings I was able to attend.   I am looking forward to sharing and using what I learned with the students.  As you can see, the days were packed and I only attended a portion of the classes since they were happening simultaneously.

*The Closed Piano Lid: Maximizing The Brain And Muscle Memory While Increasing Technical Facility   (ie How To Learn Faster/Practice Less)
*Teach And Learn With ACE
*Contemporary Chinese Piano Repertoire For Teaching And Performing (30 Teachers From China)
*The Elephant And The Blind Wiseman: Exploring Sound Through Multi-Sensory, Whole-Body Processes
*Encouraging Artistry With Technology
*Well-Rounded Musicianship: The Pathway To A Lifetime Of Music Making
*World-Class Arranger Phillip Keveren Is In The House!
*Debunking Some Myths Of Piano Technique
*It's In Your Pocket: Your Best New Teaching Tool Could Be A Cell Phone
*Forty Ways To Practice Scales: Ideas For Improving Students' Accuracy, Agility & Artistry  (It sounds boring, but it was one of the best sessions)
*Let's GO! (Music Advocacy)
*Music Selfies: Recording Practice To Improve Performance
*Too Many Notes (And Not Enough Hours In The Day!)   (This African teacher was a gem)
*Creating Excitement In Your Studio With Melody Bober
*Bet You Can't Play With One Hand!
*Phyllis Pieffer...Upcoming MTNA Opportunities  (My college piano professor)
*Practicing With Presence
*The Dog Ate My Homework-Look Behind The Excuses!  
*Sight Reading From Keith Snell   (He's from England...fascinating educational insights)
*My Music Staff
*Chords-Keys To Musicianship And Creativity!
*Sasa Smic....Upcoming Beta Apps About To Release
*You Can Teach Improv: Myths And Methods Of Hymn And Folk Improvisation
*Creating "Music Addicts"
*Smartphones, Tablets And Chocolate Cake....Too Much?
*Ingrid Fliter...Piano Concert (World Renown Argentina Pianist Famous For Chopin Playing)
*Building A Bridge: Curriculum Development For The Emerging Intermediate Student

End Of The Year Piano Exams...May 13-15

The piano students will be taking their end of the year exams during their lesson time on this week.  They have been given the option to do their exams early if they are ready so feel free to encourage them to "get it done" so they can move on to other music.

Parent Teacher Conferences...May 28-30

The sign up sheet for conferences will be on the bulletin board by the studio door when you return from Spring Break.    Please be sure to reserve a time.   This is a time set aside for us to discuss the past year and plan for the coming year for your student.   It is important that we have this time to work together to plan best how to support your student in their musical education.

Brandy Pancoast
BA, BM, NCTM, Musikgarten Licensed
April Newsletter 2019