Pancoast School Of Music
Music For A Lifetime
We believe that all children are musical.
We believe that music meets the needs of children.
We believe that music benefits the whole child.
We believe that music must be introduced early and must involve the family.
We believe that adults should observe and follow the child.
We use only the best quality resources.
We follow a carefully sequence approach to music literacy.
FAMILY MUSIC (30 minutes weekly, adult & child-Infant to 4 years) & 
CYCLE OF SEASONS (45 minutes weekly, child only-ages 3-5 years):
-Bouncing: helps the child to experience a steady beat in their whole body
-Finger Plays: works to develop the child’s self expression through the use of their fingers and the various movements of which they are capable, develops small motor movements
-Body Awareness: creates an awareness of the body as a whole and it’s response to
movement as well as the coordination of thought, will and action
-Stationary Movement: builds spatial awareness as well as beginning steady rhythmic
responses with the body and with instruments held by the body
-Rocking Songs: stimulates the vestibular (balance) system in the inner ear as well as makes
the connection between a feeling body, listening ear and thinking mind
-Traveling Movement: requires balance and body control as well as orientation in space
-Singing Games & Dances: allows the child to experience rhythm, melody and form directly
while making music with others
-Call & Response Songs: encourages each child to explore their individual response to music
-Instruments: allows the child to hold, carry, and experiment with instruments while developing both sides of their body and experiencing music concepts such as loud/soft, slow/fast, accelerando/ritardando, etc.
-Scarves & Hoops: allows the child to use simple objects in expressive movements to music
and to build a continual awareness of space
-Easy-To-Sing Songs: learning to sing in tune, with correct rhythm and good diction
-Recorded Movement: combining listening and moving to enhance the child’s response to
external stimulation
-Story Telling: using expressive movements to show emotions and develop creativity
-Poetry: listening to simple poems to begin memory and listening skills
-Resonator Bars: hearing pitches and how they move while relating it to song patterns
-Sensory Games: exploring the senses in a different than usual way to increase awareness
MUSIC MAKERS I & II (50 minutes weekly, child only-4.5 to 8 years...Piano Prep Classes):
-Thematic Units: stories, songs, listening & movement activities in various settings showing
the interdependence of the people and/or creatures in that setting while the child is
learning basic music skills
-Listening Lessons: vestibular (balance & space awareness) & sound perception activities, as
well as learning the skill of focused listening including instrument differentiation
-Activities: stationary movement, traveling movement, singing games & dances, call &
response songs, theme related recordings & activities, instruments-rhythm & pitch
based, poetry, stories and write & read music times to expand and increase the
concepts and ideas in the previous levels
  Bachelor of Art in Music
  Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
  Professional Level Piano Certification-MTNA
  Professional Level Piano Certification-WSMTA
  Musikgarten Exemplary Licensed Teacher
  Piano Instructor from 1989 to Present
  Musikgarten Instructor from 2002 to Present
  Spokane Music Teacher Association
  Washington State Music Teacher Association
  Music Teachers National Association
  Royal Conservatory Of Music
Musikgarten...Exemplary Program Award Recipient Since 2006